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NBC app

Love it!




CNN down- youre next!

Love it

Love it





Love it

Love it love it


Love First Dates

Love it

Love it


Love it!!!

love it

love it


Loads quickly! Plays nicely! Great app!!


Love it❗️??


Love it.

Video wont play

I cant get my video to play after numerous attempts

NBC app

Love it



Takes a long time to load

It takes a long time to load compared to other station's apps. Sometimes it just bounces me out and I have to close the app and start over again. Once I finally get to where I can get the show running it works great after that.

NBC Original “I Feel Bad”: Best Show Ever

I realized that the NBC Original “I Feel Bad” will be the best show in America for viewers.


Only major network that streams without charging for content. I basically stopped watching the other two networks.

If I could give a minus 5 star, I would, so disappointed!!

I normally don’t write reviews, but this has got me so upset. I only downloaded this app to watch AGT, and watched first few episodes of the season, but it is telling me I have 3 tokens and if I want to continue watching the season I need to use a token an episode, then what happens once I run out, probably need to buy more tokens, greedy people, aren’t you making enough money off the commercials we have to watch???!!!!

Love it

Great app!!

Jerry springer

Im just looking for jerry springer. Where is it 👀

NBC Tops the major channel apps

I've been watching major and minor channels using apps for along time, and NBC is the most user friendly easy to use app out there. There is an improvement I'd like to see : when one show completes, the app sends the viewer to a random show. If I am viewing a series, I'd like to see the next show in the series.

Credits are Bologna

You should not lose a credit by watching a show. Total Bologna !

Casting problems

Overall I like the app. I gave it a 3 star rating because when I’m finish with an episode, with most apps it would automatically start the next episode, or you can click on “start now”, (I have chrome cast by the way) well when I do this nothing happens, it just sits there. I have to literally close the app out every time and then reopen app and start casting again to watch the next episode..kind of annoying.


Stalls every two minutes or so on an Internet connection that tests at 79MBs.


Get to see all my shows that I missed on TV.

Can't hear

Can't hear anything when watching live Today show. Then when the commercials come on, it's so loud it about blows your eardrums. Not sure why there's no volume, but so far I've only noticed it on live Today show.

Can’t even watch show two seasons back

Can’t even watch show two seasons back


Love this app. Easy to use. Short commercial time and great shows!

Just loads..and loads....and loads

This app in general doesn’t work on any of my devices... IPhone, Roku, or Fire TV.. just loads/ buffering or freezes completely. Thought it was my WiFi original , but does the same thing at my parents house as well. Disappointing as there are many shows on NBC that I wish I could watch.

Ad buffering

NBC App streaming its own content works well until the ads, that’s when the buffering starts turning 4 minutes of commercials into 8. Fix that and it’s all 5 stars.

Loading problems

This app takes forever to load..foorrreeeeeeevvvveeerrrrrr!!!


Both this app and the NBC 4 app are absolutely terrible for streaming. I continue to use them because I love NBC, but this issue has been happening for years and it’s infuriating. I use chrome cast to connect when streaming Live TV and every few minutes it freezes and often will turn to just a black screen and you need to restart the app multiple times for it to come back on. Please fix this!

Not working with RCN and roku or firestick

Please fix ... I can use my account info to log in on my iPhone but not on these 2 devices !!!! Please fix ASAP

Painfully slow on iPad Pro

An older app version on my older iPad 2 starts up and loads episodes quickly. 1 year old iPad Pro is so painfully slow to do anything I’m back to watching on my smaller iPad... and watching less. Love the content tho!

Fatal flaw

App is fraudulent and nearly worthless and causes unnecessary stress to most users because its description neglects to inform you of the requirements or cost to use it.

Frustrating And Barely Works

This is a horrible app. I watched season 1 of “The Good Place” on Netflix and loved it. They didn’t have season two, so I decided to hop over to this app since I was left on a cliffhanger. I was super excited to watch it, but the screen was just black. The time was going by, but nothing was happening. I skipped to ten minutes, and still nothing! Then, out of nowhere, a commercial came on, but I was already ten minutes in. When I went to the beginning, the same thing happened. Then a commercial came on again. Right after the commercial, guess what!? It froze! This app is dysfunctional and won’t work. Please fix it

Great app.... if you’re only watching for the commercials

I got this app to watch agt. I couldn’t even make it through 2 episodes... I actually counted... there were 11 acts in the episode and 59 commercials. It’s no wonder people try to find free streaming or downloads online. The networks cannot seem to realize how much they ruin the experience for people.

Worse app ever!!!

If I could give it half a star I would!! I use a lot of network apps and this one never works for seriously get to watch 10 min (if you're lucky) of a program before its goes to commercials only to never return to the show!!! Or better yet when you are trying to watch a show and it just flips to a black screen and then to your screensaver..... Apparently no one reads these reviews or they just don't care about how awful it is!!

Fallon is falling

So, Fallon decided to go political because Colbert is beating him like a drum in the ratings... Pathetic and desperate and I will never watch this idiot again!!! Somebody needs to remind him that he is a highly overpaid court jester!


OMG I just finished watching Taken, the best everrrrrr, love this channel, 4, the app thank you the best.,,,,, ;)



Wow this app gave me aids

After X passed away, I got this app to watch some shows and try to get over my manz passing. Honestly this app gave me so much aids it’s ridiculous. Like I have so much aids, so much. I tried to watch a show and received a notification that said “nah b.” Like thanks NBC? Legit nhokay bud. I was just tryna get really really drunk and watch this is us, but “nah b.” This app made me an overall worse human being. Aside from the aids and becoming an overall terrible person, the app is like kind of average. Like if your down with the aids and a bad experience I’d probably cop.

Worst app to navigate

Besides crashing a LOT this app is so slow and extremely difficult to use. One would think NBC would be able to get an app to work correctly.

App no longer works

For the last week I have tried and tried to watch videos on the app and it no longer works. It’s become a waste of space on my device. So much for being able to watch my shows when I want now. I submitted a complaint and never received anything back. I’m very unhappy and disappointed.


Sorry to type this but the app needs work. A few bugs need fixing and there are way too many commercials. The shows are already extremely long but you have a commercial every 3 minutes it’s ridicules, I don’t think the app is worth it there are less commercials on tv. Your lucky I gave you stars.

You screwed Timeless

I used to watch an amazing show called Timeless on this app then NBC foolishly cancelled it. Therefore I have no more use for this app and will be deleting it.

No problems

First I tried the fox app,log in your provider..........not found.....what a hassle!.......then I tried this app next.....Hi buddy! What do you want to see.....NO PROblem...

I like it

I will low watching days of our lives

Sign in issues

Asks me to sign in every time I open the app. Even though I have xfinity it tells me my tv provider doesn’t allow streaming. Then his can i sometimes stream and other times not. Stupid and frustrating!

This app is ok

I like this app I wanted to binge watch Superstore but when I got to season 1 episode 9 it said that I ran out of free credits and I don’t have a cable provider so how do I get more credits so I continue to watch the show/ episodes that are locked ?

Constantly restarts

I love that the shows I want to watch are available, but if you leave it sitting on pause for too long and then try to play again, the app goes blank and basically restarts. Sometimes after 3-4 commercials it will start the program back up where you left off, other times it starts it from the beginning. Frustrating!

Inconsistent and logs me off

Shows aren’t consistently uploaded timely. Also, not only does the app often sign me out, but it doesn’t always accept my credentials even when inputted correctly.

Can’t watch my soap!

For some reason I can’t watch Days of our lives. I tried watching Friday’s episode and it won’t play? The app has been working great before this. I also couldn’t get the schedule to come up last night either. I think there needs to be another update? Can you please fix this?

America got talent

When I miss a Episode I got to go to this app it was amazing thank you

Horrible software/App

It crashes every 5 seconds. I always have to force close and pray It doesn’t act up for another 5 minutes.


Why does it take forever for this app to load? I watch TV/cable shows exclusively on my iPad, and this app is the worst!


I think it's great but I just use it to watch law and order SVU,and I'm out of credits so but it's a overall great and neat if you're looking for shows

Plus and minus for this app

I do like some things on this app better than some other apps for the other networks. I agree that I enjoy the 10 second replay. If you shrink the screen, the synopsis is right there. It also has a link to the live stream and I don't have pay extra or subscribe to see tv in the app when my kids are watching Netflix. However, I do also have to log off and restart. I must say that it is something that is happening with many apps like VUDU, and Netflix. A recent problem that I think all the apps are in need of addressing.

Commercials are obsolete

42+ commercials to watch one 1 hour episode is insane, You are competing with Hulu and Netflix not to mention other smaller streaming services all of which have eliminated or nearly eliminated commercials there’s no reason to try to force us to watch that many commercials


I know commercials are what pays for the app. However, some people are willing to pay to enjoy the app without commercials so they should create an option for those people 😁

The only thing high def with slow internet is the commercials

My internet is slow, but it’s so incredibly frustrating to suffer thru the show I’m watching being so blurry you can’t distinguish facial features, and then the commercials play in clear high def. It’s like they are buffering the commercials while you watch the show to make sure they are clear. No other tv app I use has this problem.

Horrible App...

It keeps crashing...there is no technology in the United States as we have on the UK and the rest of Europe...what a shame! They need to send their technicians to the UK to learn how to perfect this app as is the BBC iPlayer...

Really great app but, THE VOLUME...

This app is almost superb. But, the volume varies greatly between programs & some ads. I watched my local news. I had to have my phone volume all the way up, but I could hear it ok. But, when nbc nightly came on , i had to put on headphones & have the volume all the way up. In one nbc nightly segment the background volume over powered the news reader. The volume does that on many ads, too. You can hear the background sounds, but the main announcement is totally silent. This is the only TV app that does this. I’ve used just about every other tv channel app available to me. The nbc app is the only one i have volume problems with.

Fix your app!

I have to regularly delete and redownload this app because it will randomly kick me off my Verizon account and lock everything. Then the live stream will randomly disappear. Total garbage.

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