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NBC app

Love it!




CNN down- youre next!

Love it

Love it





Love it

Love it love it


Love First Dates

Love it

Love it


Love it!!!

love it

love it


Loads quickly! Plays nicely! Great app!!


Love it❗️??


Love it.

Video wont play

I cant get my video to play after numerous attempts

NBC app

Love it



Cannot Watch Live TV

Said can watch live TV but without cable service provider account, it would not work, even though signed up a profile with NBC. Local live TV channels are free so what’s the use if have to pay for cable to stream free TV?! Lousy!!!

Day time watcher

So my original TV broadcasting will not show Days of our lives only at midnight and I watch it on this app and catch up and I also love to watch dateline at night this app has been my me time thank you NBC for your wonderful shows and this app!

Love this App

I really love this App. I use it to watch my favorite show.


Streaming live to my TV is horrible . Picture is not clear at all. Update completed today and still horrible...


This app has not worked right since the latest update. It doesn’t work while connected to my dock connector. Please fix this issue.

Programming keeps cutting out

Full bars 5G WiFi Conmection and AGT not only plays with 1 hour worth of ads but it keeps freezing every 3 minutes. Great concept but app’s streaming capabilities needs serious improvement


I am convinced there is someone there that doesn’t have a real job other than to make the app worse and worse and worse I was forced to update and nothing was wrong and now that I updated a day ago nothing is playing and all I see is video playback error you guys are a disgusting an unbelievable people that really have nothing to do then to frustrate people and force updates that don’t really need it


Would be great if it worked without freezing & crashing constantly. I thought it was my internet at first, but if I back up in a program, it will freeze in the exact same spots again, and all other streaming apps work fine. Every time the app updates, I hope it will be fixed, but never is.

Easy streaming

Love to stream their shows. I cut the cord with Direct TV that I should have done a long time ago!

Takes forever to load videos

Takes forever to load the shows you want to watch and also will start back at the beginning if you pause a show to watch the rest for later.

Past episodes!!!

Come on guys!!!!! Update again and can’t watch previous episodes of Days! Ugh so aggravated with this app!

This app is HORRIBLE

Do they realize it’s 2018? Are the developers just lazy? This is the worst streaming app I have ever tried to use. It doesn’t recognize my cable provider (Xfinity - says it’s not included in my package and it absolutely is), doesn’t recognize my chromecast 90% of the time, takes 25 seconds to rewind 10 seconds, and when I tried to submit feedback it doesn’t recognize auto correct so it took me 5 minutes to type 3 sentences. Omg fix your app for the love of God

Video playback error

I am unable to watch live on my iPad or my Apple TV.... always an error.


I’ve been loving days since 1977 thanks for the NBC APP never miss another episode of Days

Requires info, 3 credits, 12 long commercial breaks

Who would want to watch a show like that?

Freezes up constantly

Downloaded and logged into our cable subscriber. Started watching a show and it froze up and said it has to be re started. This app needs serious improvements!!!

No live tv

Live tv option simply just doesn’t work. Always an error has occurred message.

Fix the live streaming

Live-streaming doesn’t work on my iPad or Apple TV. Just errors. Fix this you bums.

I spoke too soon

At first the app was great, now I have had it about 4 weeks and it is terrible - streaming, after viewing 8-9 commercials the stream goes back to the beginning and the stops 30 seconds in! No matter what you do it does the same thing over and over 8-9 commercials, starts from beginning, 30 seconds in freezes -this happens over and over. Like right now it is 5 pm and it is showing News from yesterday over and over. After 8-9 commercials, starting the stream over again, 30 minutes in, it freezes. On and on so now it is time to delete!

Episodes should be free

I feel if you have the app you should be able to watch all NBC episodes. They shouldn't be locked. Not everyone pays for other servers. I am finally getting to watch This is Us from the beginning. The NBC app stopped the free episodes- If you want people to watch your current shows, all episodes should be available to view. Who wants to start a show that's been on for two years?? Other than this gripe I like the app. I love the blacklist and we usually can't get a good signal, so I love being able to watch it the next day thru the app.

Sound off

The sound is off the video so bad right now on the live broadcast it’s killing me. I have it downloaded on iPhone and firestick and they are off the same


App has been down for 5 days through direct tv now. Cannot find anyone to contact & emails to nbc are a waste of time as no one responds

Sound is messed up.

When I’m on live TV you can’t hear the people talking. Everything else you can hear. I know my audio is setup properly. Plus every other LIVE TV app I use works fine and can hear everything. (Even CBS live TV.) What’s going on here? Seriously.

Good bye

Sorry NBC. Since I switched to Sling Tv / Roku I’m not able to watch live Tv on the NBC App. Good bye NBC


Can I watch nbc without adds

Use to LOVE IT!!!

Use to love it. Now it’s so slow and closes randomly it’s just annoying. Updates don’t help either. Other apps work as expected and I updated phone.

Still awful

It is at least the fifth iteration of this app and it demands weekly reauthorization on the AppleTV and their website puts you into an endless loop of entering the seven digit authorization code on the screen, only to do nothing. I can’t think of an app that makes itself so hard to use. My experience is with this app and xfinity in the ST Bay Area.

User not authorized

I’ve done everything I can to restart, reupload, reenter my cable subscription and I’ll keep getting is this stupid message!!



Wonderful App!

The best part about the app is how it’s free and fast

Issues with live tv

Since the last update the live stream says it can’t be accessed right now.This has been going on for a couple weeks now.Other streaming app’s work just fine...please address this.

No Customer Service!!!!

Horrible app and customer service! I’ve had this app for a while and it was working fine with love tv and all of a sudden it stopped working. I got an error message to contact customer service through the settings app. It’s now been a week and still no response! I want to watch a football game tonight and can’t because no one ever contacts me back from customer service. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love watching all my NBC shows in succession, any time, any where ❤️

Ruined app

After last update, you cannot stream out to your tv. They seem to only want you to watch on my iPad. Pretty lame. They get paid for all the commercials, so why hide us from watching on our TVs?


Every time I click live it shows an error message and goes back the home screen. No explanation. The TV app is doing the same thing. Both apps are just worthless. I downloaded them for live. If I wanted reruns I’d watch them on my Hulu account.


I love to watch DOOLS (Days Of Our Lives) which I was miss to watch during daytime due to work so I can watch after hour when I get home from work live it and also watch USA on cable to watch WWE RAW and SMACKDOWN too. I know they were fake but enjoy lol. Other thing to watch is okay but some I enjoy to too thanks NBC AND USA YALL ROCKS!!!!

Can’t link account

Keeps redirecting me to a blank page when I try to link my account. Worthless.

Worst TV streaming app EVER!

I use many different apps to stream Movies and TV shows. This by far is the worst app I have encountered. It only works about 40% of the time. Either shows won’t play or I get an error stating the are currently having problems. Super annoying since some of my favorite shows are on this network!

Spectrum doesn’t work with your app

Every time I try and click spectrum to put in my provider info the screen goes blank. This app is horrible. It has literally never worked properly. Can I give less than a star. Go kill yourself


NBC and our provider are in a money fight, the channel isn’t available on our provider so tried to watch the live stream and got an error on 5 different devices.

Waste of time

More than half the time the app doesn’t work. Constantly have “error” issues. Can’t watch liveTV.

Cannot log in

Will not let me log via my spectrum account. Of course spectrum (time warner) is the worst


It is so horrible that I am speechless

For such a major network your app is ..

This app is really disappointing. It's very slow and it fails many times. Certain programs have commercial after commercial and barely any air time so it takes twice as long to watch it as it would be if you watched it on regular television. It's truly a disappointment for such a large network to have such a poor running app with today's technology that's available out there. I could go on about all the different things that it does not do however it doesn't seem to get any better.

Just what I needed

I get Just what I need when I use The NBC app. Have not had a single problem or issue. Easy to use and navigate. Great Aesthetics and Overall Excellence. It is Elegant in its overall operation. Very Happy 😁

Stop locking content

The NBC app tells you that a particular show is free to watch and then it locks it after season one. This is called bait and switch.

Seriously, what’s the point??

Why even have an app when after a certain amount of time you’re locked out? You wither have to sign up, which only gets you 3 more episodes, or link a provider. Who wants to do that?? The app is there so you don’t have to do all that crap. Also, this app is not user-friendly. Tried to watch heroes, and am very disappointed.

Okay app

I only got this to watch this us but app is great but it has it cons because it constantly tells me to sign in to my link provider. It also only gives you three credits. Either than that it great watching on my phone.

Apple TV App Terrible

We have this app on our Apple TV and it is AWFUL. It has always had glitches and continues to do so despite updates over the last several years. The menus constantly freeze up, sometimes they never load and you have to restart the app and when it does work it is incredibly slow. It also freezes up our Apple TV for about 15 seconds when you close out of the app. No other app does this on our Apple TV so we know it’s not that. It also glitches at commercials and will play a few seconds of a commercial and then start over several times before completing the commercial. Sometimes you have to pause and un-pause the commercial to get it to play through so you can get back to your show. Wish there was a way to watch a few of my shows that are only available to watch through this app. TERRIBLE.

This app is getting annoying

I like watching shows on there but it keeps stalling and buffering it is very annoying

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